Frequently Asked Questions

How can the data be retrieved so fast?

DAIRS was created for the Aerospace Industry, specifically for the fast-paced, information intensive, 'quote me now ship it to me now' world of aviation parts, where information on stock, buying/selling/production history, cross referencing, traceability/condition, and customer data, must be viewed IMMEDIATELY, regardless of what your salesperson may be in the middle of.

Knowing how the aviation industry works, the DAIRS data organization was designed to allow the data lookups you need to be as fast as you and your customers need them to be.

How can DAIRS maintain so much data on so little hard disk space?

Once again, the extremely high degree of optimization in the structure and organization of the data are what make this all possible. Unlike other systems that are based on data-base programs that were designed for general purpose data and access methods, the DAIRS data structure was designed from the ground up with its purpose clearly in mind. That is why DAIRS can consistently employ the optimum access, storage, and retrieval method to each specific function, while the others settle for what they consider to be good enough.

By keeping the data tight, DAIRS can read more data, faster, creating less network overhead, giving it yet another edge over the competition. Also, by storing the data efficiently, DAIRS removes the need to purge old data. Old historical data can often be of value, especially for brokers. DAIRS eliminates this needless task while keeping all your data at your fingertips.

Is DAIRS available to everyone?

Developed in close cooperation with its charter users exclusively for the aviation industry, the DAIRS system provides such a competitive advantage that some have secured licensing restrictions for certain named competitors. Also, certain specifics of the system have not been publicly released. Therefore, the DAIRS system is not available to everyone. But there are only a few such exclusions. So, generally speaking, the DAIRS system is available to almost any aerospace/aviation company that needs to succeed in the fast paced, dynamic aviation parts environment. Contact us for a diskette that will demonstrate what makes DAIRS such a coveted, competitive edge.

Can anyone use the DAIRS system?

Anyone who has worked in the Aviation/Aerospace industry and can remember a few special key functions can learn to use DAIRS in a matter of minutes. The ability to type helps, but DAIRS lets you get by with as little typing as possible. Although generally menuless, novice and infrequent users can revert to a main menu to guide task switching. On screen, interactive help and explanations provide additional support. The intense screen switching does take a little getting used to. Once acclimated, however, users can reach a level of speed and efficiency that far surpasses conventional expectations.
That's how fast the DAIRS system and user interface let you get things done. Compare it to anything else! If your system takes you 2 minutes, than that's one minute on every order, every day that your loosing due to the inefficiency of your system's interface.

How can DAIRS run on such outmoded computers as the old 8088 XT computers?

The power is in the program, not in the hardware. Most other systems developed in recent years were developed from off-the-shelf data base programs such as Clipper, D-base, and Fox-Pro. These data base programs are designed to allow the programmer to develop applications quickly, and to offer flexibility and accommodate a wide range of general applications. They also rely on increasingly powerful hardware to support their systems to run at an acceptable speed.

In stark contrast, DAIRS was developed from the ground up, optimized. Even on the slowest network workstations, the original 4.77MHz IBM PC's, data is retrieved and displayed in the blink of an eye. Of course, it runs with incredible speed on the fastest of Pentium workstations.

The old PC's are quickly becoming obsolete. Why would I want to have any if soon we won't be able to do anything else with them besides use your system?

The fact is that most companies with many workstations will have at least a few where no one does anything but use the main system, such as in the shipping and receiving workstations. Of course nowadays an up-to-date PC with all the standard application software is essential in the modern multi-media business world, but there with DAIRS you're not forced to duplicate these thousand dollar plus investments at every workstation.

Can DAIRS handle truly large companies and the associated huge amounts of data?

Yes. The system handles over 2 billion parts, more than any other PC or network based aviation system. Currently, one operating DAIRS installation maintains data on more than 3 million different part numbers. The 250 user limitation, while quite adequate, is actually a constraint of the Novell Network Operating System, and not of DAIRS.

Is DAIRS too large a system for my small company?

No. DAIRS was designed specifically for the fast paced environment of the small aviation business. The user interface, the lightning fast operation, the cost reductions, all are designed to make the most of each employee. Small businesses need to get the most from every employee, especially those who find themselves on the line with more than one customer and even doing more than one job at once, and should not have to devote a full time employee to IS to constantly baby-sit and nurture a high maintenence system. DAIRS lets business reduce or eliminate IS staff and costly downtime. It's these reduced hardware costs, unsurpassed reliability, and maximum efficiency of every employee that let you do more with less, and make DAIRS ideal for small businesses.

I am an IS employee for an Aerospace/Aviation company. Are you really trying to put me out of a job?

We believe there are better things for trained, intelligent, technically minded people to do than to baby-sit and "crisis manage" a company system. Are you really doing something important, being productive, living up to your potential in a way you can be proud of? Or are you spending too much of your time just trying to keep the system up and running the way it should. With DAIRS, you will no longer be the recurring savior. The sad but true IS rule is: the better the system, the less you get thanked (or even talked to!) You probably won't get much thanks for the best decision you may ever make for the company. We wrote the best aviation parts system available, and we don't get much thanks either. We have to ask. We hear it's great, running fine, Oh yes it is much better than what we had before, no comparison. But rarely a thanks. Indeed most of our customers are so busy quoting and taking orders that we feel brushed off. But do not be discouraged. Even if you don't have a mountain of other important projects that have been waiting and you'll be able to finally tackle, there is nothing to fear. Your new free time would be an excellent chance to catch up on your reading and on what's new in technology and software. If you get bored, most small companies could use a hand in sales or shipping receiving. And regular hands on experience doing every job in the company gives you a deepened, practical insight which will bolster your value to the company. It was just this type of experience and insight that made possible the conception and development of DAIRS.
If you company should decide that aside from keeping the system up, there isn't enough else they need to justify keeping you on full time, don't worry. Computer professionals are in high demand and sought after. Let your company hire you as a part time consultant as needed. Your experience and insight is still of great value to them. You'll make more, be your own boss, and will expand your horizons as you spread out and share your knowledge and insight with other companies and clients. Give us a call! Forget about purging history, re-indexing data, down-time, and support lines. In the end you'll do more, for more people, and will feel better about yourself and the world you're part of.

You criticize QuickQuote pretty sharply. Is it really that bad?

QuickQuote is a quality package with many useful features and is in many ways quite typical of professional, modern, standard system software. DAIRS, on the other hand, is not typical at all. It employs revolutionary new approaches to tackle the unique needs of the aviation parts industry which set it apart from the competition.
QuickQuote has a wide user base and many users can and do do well using it. QuickQuote is not a "bad" system. We merely use it as a basis of comparison to illustrate DAIRS' unique and powerful advantages that we feel make DAIRS better. As competition in the industry continues to increase, each advantage makes a greater and greater difference.

Why doesn't DAIRS use a lot of menus like other systems?

Going up and down various hierarchal menus is slow and costs you and your employees productivity. DAIRS only employs the quickest, most efficient techniques to accelerate your business.

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