Benchmark Testing Procedure

This benchmark procedure demonstrates and quantifies DAIRS's incredible speed advantage over other systems.

If you find a system that even comes close, please call us. We would like to hear about it.

The above does not include the time to physically pick the stocked item, converse with the customer, or physically print-out a hardcopy of the invoice.

A measure of system and user interface overhead, this test gauges how fast a proficient user can view, enter, and process data, and demonstrates how much of a users time the system takes away from other productive tasks.
It also quantifies how much valuable time must go into each order.
compares how much time is necessary to carry out certain standard operations.

A computer system is a tool intended to save the user time. With the DAIRS system the above operations can be completed in less than one minute, as quickly as 40 seconds. Average trials with DAIRS take between 45-55 seconds.

How much time does your system require to do these operations?
How many times per day do you look up parts and enter orders?

How much would you like to have that time free for other useful tasks?

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