DAIRS XML System Research


We at DAIRS, the no nonsense aircraft parts system company, are keenly interested in XML (EXtensible Markup Language).

Used to classify and trade business information, it holds the potential to completely replace EDI, while revolutionizing the range and extent of information exchange. We envision it will allow us to eliminate the need and associated costs of EDI VAN's (Value Added Network Providers). The potential of XML for extending the range and efficiency of information exchange is exactly the kind of frontier that DAIRS strives to explore and develop.

DAIRS and its user base are seeking partners in the aerospace and aviation industry interested in using XML to share business information and automate transactions. Looking to use XML to share interested in Inventory availability, Open bids and request for quotes, manufacturing and overhaul capability or trade EDI type information, including Purchase Orders, Invoices, RFQ's, ASNs, etc., please contact us.

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email: service@dairs.com