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The underlying workings of DAIRS Inventory and Receivables System are quite different from just about anything else in use today. It was designed to offer advantages that could not be realized with other systems. Its differences arise from its internal data structure. It is not based on or compatible with Fox pro, Dbase, Lotus, Excel, Access, or any other spread sheet or data base program, nor can it be accessed as simple ASCII records. This specialized and unique data structure gives it distinct operating advantages.

Its distinct data structure, and the high level of optimization, help make DAIRS without question the only system of its type that meets your standard of reliability. That standard is 100%. DAIRS IS as reliable as your computer and network hardware.

Competitors supply software with bugs, and then charge their users 'technical support fees' for time spent repairing the resulting damage and finding the problem. Once DAIRS is installed, no such 'support' is needed. With DAIRS, those endless support call nightmares fade into distant memories.

Indeed with DAIRS, time spent on the line with technical support becomes a thing of the past. Down time is a costly liability. By maintaining total control during its meticulous development, DAIRS conquers this crippling liability which literally plagues other systems, especially systems for narrow vertical markets like ours. Such reliability and efficiency make it an even more powerful asset.

Other systems were written by programmers using development products that they didn't write, and in fact, have no control over. DAIRS was developed from scratch, without third party tools. This is how DAIRS maintains control, and reliability. DAIRS knows that if your system is out of control, your business is out of control. We have control of our system, so you have control of yours.

DAIRS offers true support, like system additions and enhancements, and user training.

DAIRS was designed to be used by many users, and to offer the highest level of dynamic and transparent multi-user access possible. Multi-user access requires certain special internal safeguards and techniques be used to prevent a kind of data corruption that otherwise will result from multi-user access. That is why DAIRS was designed from its inception as a multi-user system around the Novell Network. The Novell Network Operating System was chosen because it was the single platform that would allow us to offer the level of dynamic and transparent concurrent multi-user access desired and still ensure absolute data integrity barring computer failure. It is the only Network Operating System that supports the techniques and internal features required to enable systems to fully eliminate the potential of data corruption from concurrent use and provide such a high degree of transparent multi-user access.

The program itself and the Novell Network platform is extremely stable. For technical information on the internal data integrity features see technical note DAIRS & TTS

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