System Comparisons

D.A.I.R.S. Technical Data on Other Aircraft Parts Systems

We at DAIRS strive to great lengths to provide the most robust, secure, ultra-efficient system. This includes extensive, ongoing research into the best way of doing things, and the right way of doing things. In addition to using this information to make DAIRS the most efficient and powerful aircraft parts system available, over the years we've found many keen insights into not only in how to do things right, but what other systems have done wrong. This page serves as a repository for those bits of information, gathered from various sources.

Flawed multi-user locking mechanism employed in Clipper and other xBase Applications. This document, from USENET, details the flawed locking procedures employed specifically by clipper, and identifies several other generic DBase applications (including FOXPRO) that do not lock properly. The most widely used aviation parts system was written in Clipper.